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Clint Newsome   James Delarenzi   Chris Peffer   Dave Wofford   Jason Butler

James has been in bands such as Kodiak, Tigers, Blue Star Fight and others I'm sure. James grew up Canadian until about 4 years ago when he moved to the U.S and found himself in Dallas. He then moved to Austin in search of applicable knowledge (a.k.a. college). He now attends UT majoring in History. He has recently started playing guitar more but not actively playing with others. Future musical endeavors?

Chris is also from the Dallas crew. I think he attended high school there and eventually moved to Austin. Musical Endeavors: Two Thousand Yard Stare, Scorched Earth Policy, Kodiak, Tigers, Meadowlark and numerous other projects. Chris continues to occasionally work construction and drive a cab. His long list of musical endeavors will only grow longer as he attends college this Fall at ACC.

Clint moved here 2 years ago from El Paso. He has played in The Hades Kick, Ex-Impetus and is now working on a new project with the "infamous" Paul Newman. Clint is attending UT majoring in History. He loves to party and wants you at his next "shindig". Clint is young and gets all the grrrls. Wow.

Dave is from Austin though he bounces back and forth to Dallas. Dave is currently in Dallas with his wonderful female friend. Musically: Two Thousand Yard Stare, Minority, Tigers and other unknown projects. Dave writes and creates numerous songs solely on the bass guitar. He is beginning to play more guitar now that he owns a beautiful Maroter. He is definately the reason Jeweled Handles exists. Unbelievably, most of the songs were written on the bass...somewhat amazing I think. He is currently working on new songs which will be out this year on S.G.L. via 7"!

Jason loves to make sounds with his drums and voice. Now playing with J. King in The Red Sea. "I am lucky to share music with these inspired friends. I thank them for the opportunity".

Lars Gorranson, engineer of the Jeweled Handles recording as well as many other noted records such as the new Cardigans release which was produced in Sweden. And of course, Lars is swedish. He knows all the good food spots in Austin and usually knows the entire menu. When shopping for engineers, this is the guy...very witty, cute...and he loves to eat!