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The first episode in an epic of releases exposing beauty and documenting the work of Legends...
Five instrumental arrangements from a collective of musicians building incredible sounds. Tasteful...spacious...tranquil.
track listing:
1. Plastiques
2. 999 Rupees
3. Okay to stay
4. Double 0 6
5. Soupy Bottom (song for Lamar)

Jason Butler
3203 Overcup Oak
Austin, TX 78704

Discover the enchanting, mysterious world underneath the water! You will become familiar with diving physics, dive table, and marine life. After completing this listen, you will be a certified diver (100% attendance required). Professors: Delarenzie, Peffer, Butler, Newsome and of course, Wofford will be instructing. All are certified players and all are outfitters for underwater exploration!

Summer and Fall 1999

Cassius Clay 7"
Guitar and drum duet. The 7" documents 2 compositions formulated by J. King and J. Butler. A whimsical exploration of anger, passion and a frantic escape of realism.

Meadowlark / Slave One split 12"
A collective of inspired young men. 3 songs from Meadowlark and 2 songs from Slave One all traveling at a 45 rpm rotation. This is also a collective effort with another local label. Metal, hardcore, emo? Whatever this generation of rockers calls's powerful!

Jeweled Handles 7"
After Lars returns from Sweden, Jeweled Handles will be back in the studio for new recordings. 2 songs with Dave doing all the arrangements minus percussion.

Other Projects

The Magic Bug children's book
Concept and storyboard written by J. Butler and M. Caldwell. Layout and artwork by D. Wofford.