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While surrounded by inspired youth it is hard to ignore the lack of chance or opportunity particular artists have in sharing their creations; whether it is music, writings, or short films. Our goal as sixgunlover is to provide an opportunity for these talents to be shared with others.

As of now we are focusing on music. The releases that are scheduled for this summer and fall are mostly friends or acquaintances that continue to inspire us. Not just by their music but their lives as a whole. Getting to know a person can really change your view of their music. Music is all a person has sometimes and when that seems to go nowhere it can be frustrating. I have witnessed friends' frustrations due to lack of opportunity among other limits put on them and their work. sixgunlover is here to make it happen as fast and as best as possible. Limitations can really fuck with a person.

As for film and book releases there is currently work and concept being done on a particular book entitled, " The Magic Bug". A short film collaboration is destined for next year. The financial burden of making these things happen can be intense so we are moving slowly with our current projects.

Thank you.

This is the sixgunlover website. I hope you find it informative. Take Care. Please remember that there are no limitations. Do what you do and do it well. Long live the underdog that is in us all.